Video: G.O.R.D.I. - "Más que amigos"

Chilean pop still has plenty of propositions on its sleeve. Sometimes it reveals them in the purest form of novelty (Planeta No), and other times it presents them journeys. G.O.R.D.I., the moniker of Valeria Jara, belongs to the latter. After years of interventions in the scene, providing vocal assistance to contemporaries like Gepe and Adrianigual, Jara has polished a profile of her own. Our initial encounter with G.O.R.D.I. happened almost four years ago, when the track “Suave y Salvaje” made the cut to one of our compilations. What seemed like an act pre-destined to follow the folksy neo-andean trend has come to redefine itself as an extravagant addition to urban pop.

The augmentation in artistry and risk is understandable considering the mentorship of Diego Adrian behind this -between G.O.R.D.I. and Planta Carnivora, we can’t help but to applaud his investment to embracing hip hop and reggaeton via pop hues and synthesizers. “Más que amigos” is not an immediate gem - Jara’s vocal delivery is cascaded in such a way that it builds resonance through multiple spins. But once you're able to locate the bridge of the song, there's no way to escape its catchy chorus. The clip directed by Roberto Doveris and Francesc Morales throws frame symmetries out of the window and focuses on polishing its characters through natural and artificial lights. Although it may be too early to say, G.O.R.D.I. is the chilean breakthrough of the year so far.