Video + MP3: María Magdalena - "Garotinha"

Chilean singer María Magdalena (remember that pop jewel titled "CVMC"?) doesn't shy away from confessing she's still a newcomer finding her voice. Which is why she's chosen to take things slow and release a second EP, instead of a full-length as we all expected. "Garotinha," the first promotional cut from her forthcoming release Prisa, is loud and excessive from the let-go. The extravagant brash registered in those first seconds of the song dictate the course of the song and whether you'll be responsive to it or not. I find it middling, at best. While the beats are quite pristine and club-inducing, the chorus is a hard swallow. Perhaps because it's difficult to embrace a club jam when there are cultural appropriations to resolve. Or it may be the fact that Kali Mutsa has been doing this thing for a few years now, and with far better results (just re-visit "Canción de amor de colla" and realize how beautifully nuanced it is). "Garotinha" is still an assault to the senses though, and that deserves merit specially from artist still surveying the field. Download the MP3 of the song via Cosmopolitan.