SALFUMÁN - “Futura Mujer”

On paper, Valencia-based multi-instrumentalist SALFUMÁN seems to fit the criteria as the next hip thing. Her debut EP, is stuffed with plenty of shiny, slinky sounds to score a neon-lit nightclub or a contemplative after-dusk drive. Each song can be described as synthpop and if you close your eyes, the whole thing might zip by as a nebulous lump of slithering synthesizers, electronic ornamentations, and percussion bounces.

Where the concept of SALFUMÁN (not one related to chlorhydric acid) best manifests itself, though, is in Sandra Rapulp’s wholehearted embrace of sounds that might scan as completely cheesy if paired with more banal sentiments. “Futura Mujer” is a great example. With Rapulp’s voice ramping up humidity, what SALFUMÁN can accomplish with a tonally consistent palette is astonishing and palpable.