Colornoise - "Amalie"

Costarican triune Colornoise have never fit into a simple schema. Five years and counting as a band and it seems increasingly improbable that Sonya, Alison, and Mari ever will. Their music is a hybrid of what they call “experimental stoner rock” and a sort of heady sonic mischief that people could probably lazily call noise pop. But within each of their records we see attempts at odd pop, vocal loop experiments, and moments of humor. Their catalog plays like the work of an unfocused but charismatic music project.

Respectively renowned, Colornoise rectifies their overlooked dynamic in their latest single “Amalie” that extends to their incredible spirited onstage chemistry. Colornoise are here merely to address the lingering feeling of loving the unmanageable. And they appropriately placed it at our doorsteps. “Amalie” reigns in the band’s focus, allowing them to build a cohesive, coherent artifact. Aside from being both sonically and thematically tighter, —more than their previous efforts—it showcases Colornoise's musicianship. Ultimately, the combination of the two makes it a must-listen.