Jessy Bulbo - "Alma Traviesa"

Let's set the words "rockera" and "riot grrrl" down here for a moment.

OK, now that's out the way, here is indie darling of Mexico, Jessy Bulbo's glorious return to the scene, with her first single from forthcoming album, Changuemonium, "Alma Traviesa." With production from Toy Selectah and Emilio Acevedo, "Alma Traviesa" is perhaps Bulbo's cleanest offering yet, though for nostalgists, check out the studio session to hear the grit we've come to associate with the artist.

The single's photo of Bulbo suggests a "new direction" for her sound and image: Eighties leotard with seventies disco horns? Club kid gangsta? Early noughties J-Lo? But this is not a reinvention, per se; just another costume of Bulbo's signature genre, what could be described as "gleefully unhinged". The first five seconds of the song heralds a bloody good time, and even if the singer makes up the erratic dance moves as she goes, the floor is still open for your interpretation of "the worm" during the organ-led break.

So let's leave the descriptors alone for now. No one is pigeon-holing Jessy Bulbo just yet.