Video: SILVA - "Volta"

Gorgeously shot between sunset and sunrise and directed by William Sossai and Angelo Silva, the exquisite clip for “Volta,” latest single off of Vista Pro Mar, follows SILVA on a journey through the streets of Luanda, Angola. Killer dance moves and performances by young and less young kuduristas are juxtaposed to the Brazilian multi-instrumentalist’s fragile, beautifully nuanced voice telling a story of contemplation and romance (“Pode ser o tempo fará com que você perceba que nós dois não somos em vão, em vão não há beleza”).

Although separated by an ocean, Brazil and Angola share a rich history of mixed Afro-Iberian musical tradition – heritage of centuries-long Portuguese colonization and slave trade. Thus, this stunning depiction of cross-fertilization at a micro-level makes the marimba-like layer take on a full significance.  

In May, SILVA will release a documentary about his week-long trip in Luanda, in collaboration with FARM.