Boogat - "Londres" (feat. Pierre Kwenders)

In the run-up to the launch of his second LP in Spanish, Neo Reconquista, Boogat recently dropped the hyper-danceable “Londres,” which features the collaboration of Pierre Kwenders, a Congolese-Canadian musician and self-appointed spokesman of modern Africa.

On this track, the Montreal-based MC of Mexican and Paraguayan descent goes further with the process of reflection on which he had embarked on previous album, El Dorado Sunset, addressing the globalization-induced cultural, environmental and social homogenization, which we witness in so many facets of life today. From Kwender’s engaging chorus in Lingala to Boogat’s rhymes solidly based in this computer age, the post-colonial, post-internet single calls at once for celebration and mobilization.

Neo Reconquista is due May 4th. Pre-order the LP here.