Video: La Mafia del Amor & El Combo Perfecto - "La Disco Resplandece"

As a music writer few things suck as much as not being around when an authentic hit drops. And with everything PXXR GVNG-related we can’t help but feel embarrassingly late to the party. In our defense, the following video was blocked stateside up until a few days ago. Having said that, i’ll skip any more contextualizing/padding and go right to the overstatements: FIRE. TAKIS FUEGO. SONG OF THE SUMMER. Alright, maybe we still don’t know about that last one. And at the rate Spanish collective PXXR GVNG, through their roster of MCs and producers, have been releasing music, we might end up with countless other songs of this caliber. For now all we know is that we’ve stumbled on something special.

As La Mafia del Amor, another incarnation of PXXR GVNG, we’ve heard sartorial dembow bangers like "En la discoteca en chandal” as well as built-for-radio pop (“Amor Bandido”). "La Disco Resplandece" invades the futuristic reggaetón championed by J Balvin and Farruko and perfects it by celebrating el perreo above all else. Verses from Yung Beef, Unai Sánchez, Khaled, and D. Gómez set up the standard depictions of flexing and woo, but the spirit of the track doesn’t really give a fuck about any of that (“No me importa si ella es guapa o fea / a mí me importa como ella lo baila / a mí me importa como lo menea”). What "La Disco Resplandece" achieves is a rare chance to re-appropriate whatever low-brow status is left in reggaetón and running with it. Throw in some diacritic beeps and frozen synths, and you have the brightest club anthem of the year. Now if we could just get Young Thug to pop up on the remix...

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