Maifersoni - "Partners" / "Las flores más hermosas se marchitan"

Plot twist: Enrique Elgueta aka Maifersoni's Telar Deslizante doesn't go down as another unsung Iberoamerican masterpiece and instead finds new life amidst news of Elgueta's upcoming follow-up to his 2010 debut.

We last heard from Maifersoni by way of a Michita Rex compilation. The chaotic "Andina" had an immensity that spilled over and made us cry as many times as it left us in awe. There's a markedly different approach to Elgueta's two latest tracks, "Partners" and "Las flores más hermosas se marchitan" (released jointly on Quemasucabeza) but it's one that feels like the most natural kind of progression. Going by history, it's one we've seen before once shoegaze became stifled by its own listless nature and began to indulge in the exotic qualities of dance music.

A-side "Partners" benefits the most from this fresh pop compound. Maifersoni sounds at home channeling rhythm and flute grooves into the perfect pastel rave or future twee entry, the kind James Brooks (Elite Gymnastics) promised us through his Default Genders project. "Las flores más hermosas se marchitan" takes a more wistful approach but is equally touching. Both songs signal an exciting direction for Maifersoni and one we can't wait to see fully flourish.