Video: Ibiza Pareo - "Arido Espejismo"

Argentinean newcomers Ibiza Pareo make music sustained by tone: songs with their own pace, helmed by minimalist resources and a deadpan delivery that's anything than instantly gratifying. Marina La Grasta and Ani Castoldi seem to lack interest for the zeitgeist, and yet somehow their first single "Arido Espejismo" touches the same heart strings that make acts like Linda Mirada and MKRNI so relevant to our generation. In fact, we could easily compare the duo's music to revivalists like Los Wendys and Afrodita, subtracting the cultural appropriation of course. Featuring the best use of spaghetti western chords in any indie song since Víctor Hugo's "Así es como se arruina un verano," Ibiza Pareo's single transports us to the steamy and cleansing revelations of the dessert -just like in its video. The lack of a real definitive vocal chorus will alienate more than a few, but reward any chords lovers out there.