Planta Carnívora & Diego Adrián - "Playa Salvaje"

New tropicalesque singles from Astro, Bomba Estereo, and now Planta Carnívora & Diego Adrián are the first signs that we're very close to welcoming the summer. The latter is specially exciting for how intoxicatingly cool it manages to be. While most bloggers took "Maracanaso" as a plain novelty piece for the world cup fervor and the RSS feeds, we applauded the song's proposal of something Andrew Casillas called, "alternative reggaeton." For their new collaboration, Planta Carnivora and Diego Adrian keep it risky and very, very weird. "Playa Salvaje" boldens the casio keys and triples the use of the reggaeton beat to steady results. Planta's delivery of the verses is strong and often hillarious, while Diego's near-broken pitch is almost too obtrusive for its own good. Nothing should work here, and yet everything DOES. In a year where too many singles have lacked a definitive chorus, it's refreshing to hear a piece that doesn't stop at the bridge and actually goes for the kill. Download the MP3 of the track via Soundcloud.