Pedro LaDroga - "≈KE KIERE ASE /KE KIE/≈ "

The prolific Sevilla MC/producer with a penchant for breathing new life to previous works, seeking to make them as eternal as possible, delivers a sonic and visual triptych in “≈KE KIERE ASE /KE KIE/≈.” LaDroga initially invites us to climb aboard his Window 95 interstellar vessel and venture outdoors into the confines of the digital realm. The strayed remix of "Acostumbrao a sufrir" accompanying the takeoff suggests contemplation and escapism. Then, “Ke Kiere Ase”, structured around the legendary Zappa’s slow seven-note motif, creates the space for poetic and timeless gaze through which we discover Cerro del Hierro and San Nicolas del Puerto, Sevilla. Footage of water flowing like LaDroga’s very thoughts are paired to the phrase “Ke kiere ase” and recited repeatedly, revealing that he would do everything and anything with and for that coveted somebody. The journey ends with him “fumando bajo cataratas”, using a cut from the très à propos Catarata” (produced by $kyhook) off of SKYDRVG 1.0. Playing on the  trialectic of being, doing and becoming, LaDroga turns a pot-fueled venture into something mystical, almost sacred.