Audri Nix - "1,000 MPH"

In all honesty, To Pimp A Butterfly should be the one and only priority on your queue. But once you give Kendrick's latest a proper listen, make sure you stay bold and urban and give boricuan newcomer Audri Nix a chance. "Todo lo que quiero lo persigo," exclaims an exciting voice against an all-enveloping landscape of beats by Overlord (of Fuete Billete fame) that play like race cars shadowing shooting stars. Audri Nix's vocals aren't dripping novelty -it's a full-blown revelation. "1,000 MPH" (first single off debut EP, El Nuevo Orden Vol.1) is in its essence, a call of arrival by a truly exciting voice (it's like Beyond the Lights, minus the romanticism). What's truly attractive here is the construction and execution of its parts, all sustained by an outsized narrative that doesn't stop at earnest.