Fuete Billete - "Buena Vida"

We still raise an eyebrow whenever the guys from Fuete Billete refer to their masterful debut, Música de Capsulón, as a "mixtape." But when you think about it, the boricuas are just being romantic by excercising the traditional way to release urban music. It is, perhaps, a clever choice to position themselves as underdogs first. Still, no critic out there would dare to reduce something as brilliant as unofficial. The group is catching up to momentum, releasing a new single of what they're choosing to call their debut album. "Buena Vida" is the first cut unveiled from the forthcoming Papelón City (out via Mexico's NAAFI). Beneath the cathedral beats and the ample template, "Buena Vida" embraces the candor of a relative fame they've acquired and the better life they're chasing after. "Al billete 'tamo adictos," they confess, keeping their discourse as non-subersive and raw as in Capsulón. While it's missing the crescendos and catchiness of "La Trilla" (the best song of 2013), Fuete pushes other buttons to re-purpose their own welfare to afford a good ilfe. A button like throwing a "chinga tu madre" in the song -a gesture of appreciation toward their most commercially-viable audience: Mexico.