CLUBZ – Épocas EP

There are moments in life where denying ourselves a good thing would only be foolish. Like when a collection of some the most exciting iberoamerican synthpop, electro and indie rock acts reinterpret one of our favorite singles of last year and its B-side, “Épocas” and “Ciclos” from the regiomontano pair, CLUBZ. Yes, the multiplication of remixes of one (or two) songs can dilute its potential. It can also blow up the possibilities, which is the case here.

Initially released in June of this year via the Barcelona based label Canadá Editorial, the maxi single included a remix of the two tracks by labelmates Extraperlo and El Último Vecino. Épocas EP re-released on Monday, is an extended version, which introduces renditions by producers Teen Flirt, Wet Baes and Raido and art-rock band Porter. Pulling in many directions, the EP could have easily been inconsistent, yet it remains a surprisingly effective creation. In fact, all remixes eventually merge through an atmosphere where the wistfulness of the sounds and the warmth of the rhythmic occurrences meet.

Épocas EP stands between two states, just like dawn or dusk, sweeping over melancholy and voluptuousness with velvety and hypnotic textures. The bold reincarnation of “Ciclos” by Porter, with its low-toned rhythmic melody and earthly flute arrangements, is an immediate highlight, yet upon repeated plays, Wet Baes’ hazy vaporwave re-score of “Épocas” also deserves a special mention.