Pedro LaDroga - "Pásatelo ke no me sale Na (Ela Quer SaSá)"

The Sevillano MC/Producer who never ceases to multiply the sonic and visual exertions – and who happens to be at the top of my list as one of the best acts of 2015 – recently dropped a couple of fresh tracks while we wait for the sequel to Hologram EP to see the light. Amongst the releases, "Pásatelo ke no me sale Na (Ela Quer SaSá)" stands out as one of LaDroga most exciting diversions. The half-freestyled half-written cut about the opposite sex and the ubiquitous green leaf is propelled by striking trap funkeiro and baile bass rhythms produced by Jaime Garcia, a beat builder going under the moniker Kryone and the founder of Morelia-based label, Records. The video, a cooperative effort of artist Bore and LaDroga, consists of a collage of beach imagery, ADSL Settings, aliens, Street Fighter II’s Blanka, Soundcloud’s fonts and tags, and some lean. The complexly layered and edited soundscape –reminiscent of Sango’s Da Rocinha projects – leads the way for LaDroga to utter his Baudelairian spleen as he swiftly goes over his smoking habits and female encounters – ones that arouse doubt, hope, and finally nothing. The MC’s angst is once again a miraculous source of intense and rigorous creation.