Video: Playa Gótica - "Reptil No Gentil"

Playa Gótica may only have one (official) track to their name, but the group has stayed on as our top Chilean obsession for months. Ever since Dënver's Milton Mahan Drake-ed "Reptil no gentil" into our lives, nothing has been the same. The song arrived in April at a critical moment, recalling how this was yet another summer short on hits.

"Aquí estoy, pidiendo entrar, detrás de la puerta." Right from the first line we have a I-hate-to-turn-up-out-of-the-blue-uninvited-but-I / couldn't-stay-away moment, joining the tradition of great songs about desperate love ("Y aquí estoy" by Ana Gabriel also comes to mind). For its video, directed by the man Milton himself, the edit knowingly recycles music video tropes laden with irreverent imagery. Singer Fanny Leona goes through the motions to act out that teenage attitude: the bong, the pizza, tearing up Pope John Paul's pic. It all stands in to compliment a composition that works to suppress its own feelings. Bass grooves and handclaps. Something to dance to not cry to. Pero, ¿por qué no los dos?