Featured MP3: Erick Rincón - "Los Pajaritos (Feeling Edit)"

Feature: Erick Rincón - "Los Pajaritos (Feeling Edit)"
Pollinate Records, Mexico

He may not have the street cred of the chain smoking baby, but Erick Rincón was just a baby himself when he started spinning at Monterrey clubs. The kid is not even 17 years old and he already has four solid DJ/producer years under his belt. Way to make the rest of us feel inadequate, huh? At 17, I was watching cartoons in my pajamas and eating Cocoa Puffs. (Okay, maybe I still do that, but that’s besides the point.) Known for his bumping beats and effusive synths, Rincón is already a hit in the Monterrey club circuit and at the forefront of tribal guarachero. He recently signed to Pollinate Records and is set to release his first EP, My Love, soon.

For his latest, “Los Pajaritos,” Rincón decides to slow things down with a little cumbia for your sultry summer nights in the hazy moonlight. Billie Holiday knows what a little moonlight can do, and the seductive swaying of “Los Pajaritos” can also be quite persuasive. If it leads to some not-so-great decisions, we’re alright with that.