Video: Papa Topo - "Lo Que Me Gusta del Verano"

While some of us were taking a break, Papa Topo released their second video for their best and most defining song, “Lo que me gusta del verano.” This peculiar boy-meets-girl chant really was one of 2010’s summer songs. As we mentioned before, we got tired of “Oso Panda” within a few months, but this one, it’s the real deal. Director Lluis Prieto scopes the song’s bipolar take on those sunny days that bring joy, sweat and that “ice-cream flavor quandary.” The video is a total animated blast, from the coloring to the wardrobe, and the commercial-ready choreography towards the end. If you feel too old watching this, or feel there's too much sugar in it, at least appreciate Adria & Paulita's exuberance. Papa Topo will be releasing an extended 7-track album on Elefant Records later on this year.