Video: Rey Pila - "No Longer Fun"

Shortly after the disbanding of Los Dynamite, the band’s former vocalist, Diego Solórzano, began working on a new project called Rey Pila. In the short time since then, he has already generated quite a buzz with “No. 114,” which made it to the top spot on The Hype Machine’s Twitter chart. His debut album, produced with the help of Paul Majahan, known for his work with acts like TV on the Radio and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, is out tomorrow.

The video for “No Longer Fun” has a bright, yet hazy aesthetic to match the upbeat, yet disillusioned song. The macabre narrative follows a motley assortment of characters who, for various unspoken reasons, are no longer enjoying life and decide to end theirs, some in ceremonious and others in unceremonious fashion. This paired with Rey Pila's irreverence throughout the whole video makes for a slightly twisted dynamic.

(And if the house in the video looks familiar it’s because it’s the Boogie Nights house. So, that 70s porno vibe you were getting? Not at all unfounded.)