LAMC Entry #3: Too many chocolate chips in my pancake

After hitting the snooze button about five times Friday morning, I finally made it out of bed, out the door, and back to the Roosevelt Hotel for what would turn out to be my favorite day of the conference for one reason, and one reason only, which I will get to soon. I started the day with an interview with Los Punsetes, who were hilariously self-deprecating. Also, Ariadna’s blue eyeshadow (not pictured here, sorry) was mesmerizing, and I made a mental note to try that look for myself soon.

Photo by JP Abello

As I was wandering around later that day, I spotted one of my favorite people ever, and this is why Friday was the best day of LAMC. Standing near the Remezcla table was none other than Juan Son. First, I did a double take to confirm that it was, in fact, the mermaid-obsessed musician that I thought it was. Then I had a quick freak out the likes of which I haven’t had since I was 13 and in the presence of Brandon Boyd. Okay, I lie. I had one a couple of weeks ago, when I saw Alan Palomo at The Creators Project. But I digress. Actually, this whole post is turning into one giant digression, huh? Anyway, I managed to pull it together (quite gracefully, if I do say so myself) and went up to talk to him about music and New York living and such. Good news for Juan Son fans, he is working on the new album and collaborating with some great folks, like Blonde Redhead. I know I’m excited.

I would have probably tried to milk that conversation for all it was worth, but I had an interview scheduled with Toy Selectah. This is the part where my roommate would look at me and roll her eyes and say, “Boo, I have too many chocolate chips in my pancake.” We ended up talking a lot about Erick Rincón, who I am still 100 percent behind, no matter what anyone says. And Toy Selectah’s on my side, so I think I win.

The last panel scheduled was Cutting Through the Clutter: Opportunities in an Ever-Fragmented Music and Media Landscape, and I got to catch the whole thing. The panelists, including Julianne Escobedo Shepherd from The Fader, Adam Shore from The Daily Swarm, and Jose Tillan from MTV Tr3s brought up some great points about how musicians can get heard through all the noise.

Then, JP and I hopped on the subway and headed to Brooklyn for Toy Selectah, Fidel Nadal, and Ozomatli. Unfortunately, neither of us new New Yorkers, despite both Google mapping the trip, could figure out which stop would get us closest to the correct entrance to Prospect Park. So, we ended up walking through the park for about a mile and missed Toy Selectah’s short set. But we managed to get him to come out afterward for some quick photos before we headed out in search of dinner because we were starving and were about to get a contact high from the Fidel Nadal crowd. We decided to be responsible adults that night and turned in early to rest up for the following night’s mischief, which wasn’t so much mischief as it was a lot of walking, but I’ll save that for the next post.