MP3: Sudakistan - El Movimiento

"The numbers are staggering: there are more and more foreigners in the world." This semantic gem, signed Luis Rego and reported by Pierre Desproges on September 28, 1982, continues to resonate 30 years later. Sudakistan, composed of five well-traveled friends—Carlos Amigo on percussion & vocals (Chile), Maikel Gonzalez on bass (Venezuela), Juan Espindola on drums (Argentina), Michell Serrano Arias on guitar and vocals (Chile/Sweden), and Arvid Sjö on lead guitar (Sweden)—illustrates it with flying colors. I’ll spare you the long lyrical surges on the globalized world and the interbreeding of different genres or styles that crossed my mind upon learning the existence of this Stockholm based act, but I’ll say one thing: wherever they hail from, their cow bell and bongo-inflicted garage rock is total dance party material. Since the online release by PNKSLM of “El Movimiento (Teenhäze Edit),” which was recorded with the help of Henry Withers (Lovvers, Sex Beet, Human Hair), the band has been the subject of many discussions in the blogosphere. And these discussions are likely to carry on, as Sudakistan will release their first 7" single early next year. With a title echoing Chicanismo, “El Movimiento” deservedly reclaims the band’s evident cultural ties with the New World and, by screaming non-conformity, somehow celebrates the cultural bringing of outsiders. The line between genius and ridiculous is often thin, especially in fusing genres, and Sudakistan seems to deliberately cruise through lo-fi and Latin heritage, creating a sound and image all their own.

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