Video: Espanto - "Rock'n roll"

Slowly but steadily earning more and more attention from varied Spaniard and Latin music sites is this surprising duo from Logroño under the name Espanto. Their recent promotional video for "Rock'n Roll," the first cut from their forthcoming album, had me immediately doing a mandatory exploration through our own archive in search of previous material from them. Though all I could find was a mention of their first record by the now defunct Spaniard indie pop go-to-site La Págna de la Nadadora in CF’s 2009 First Semester Review. Their previous work Ísimos y Érrimos, as you would expect from a band praised by the blog, was the kind of record that aligned itself more with the poetic and melodic drifting of Le Mans (and Stephin Merritt's indie pop geekdom), yet “Rock‘n Roll” seems to draw more from the boldness of the Stones’ rawest jams, as well as from the disengaging indulgence of Giorgio Moroder-produced disco hits. Either praising the rock form as their new aesthetic tenet, or conceivably just borrowing it to lay down a really damn addictive groove, Espanto’s new track and video close in on such eye-catchingly defiant simplicity in their visuals, rhythm, and lyrics (“No soporto las personas que nos tratan como idiotas,” “Sólo me importa de verdad solo me importa el rock ‘n roll”) that we’ll probably keep on spinning this track until their new record drops via Austrohúngaro next month.