Video: Dani Shivers - "Up!"

More then a half a year has passed since Tijuana’s most occult femme fatale has cursed us with another spine-chilling gift. It was about time! Like a sequel to the bloody and distorted “Witch,” “Up!” was shot in 8 mm in some mysterious forest outside of Tecate, Baja California and mastered on VHS with an anonymous quinceañero cassette tape. Released by Artileria (Tijuana, B.C.) and edited by Jesus Vasquez (who worked with Carla Morrison), the video clip remains faithful to Dani Shivers’ esoteric pursuits—only this time, the lines are blurred between executioner and victim. Shivers and her acolyte are preparing to invoke the spirits as we would prepare the afternoon tea. Just when you thought Shivers had found the perfect disciple for her rituals, she violently ties her up and pours blood all over her prey. The well underway human sacrifice is interrupted when Shivers perceives the presence of an uncanny entity. Yet, the “technical problems” leave us thirsty for more of the macabre empress caprices. All there is left for us is to draw a salt pentagram, light some candles, and pray for her first full-length album, Jinx, to be released soon.