Video: Gepe - "En la Naturaleza (4-3-2-1-0)"

"En la Naturaleza (4-3-2-1-0)," a song as charming as its performer, finds Gepe fully committing to the folk reggaeton that he experimented with on "Por La Ventana," and the video for first single off the upcoming GP also seems like an extension of the video for the song that foreshadowed it. While not nearly as bright and festive as "Por La Ventana," this video has similar framing and character focal points, while the darker color palette and layered footage adds texture and dimension. And, since Gepe's already done the natural setting thing in videos before, for this one he established a clear boundary between the natural world and the manmade one. Despite the song's title, the closest Gepe gets to nature is the landscapes projected behind him and his supporting cast. Two of the women in the cast are working out for the duration of the video in what may be an allusion to Darwinism. But Gepe and co-star Pedropiedra don't seem too concerned with survival of the fittest. Gepe, in a snazzy blazer and wayferers, looks a little too cool for his signature white boy dance moves, while Pedropiedra in his geo-bling and cartographer's jacket is the most simultaneously austere and absurd rapper ever and looks like someone who would love to talk to you about the healing power of crystals. Probably not people you want to be lost in the woods with.