DESERT - Camins

After just one (gorgeous) EP, Cristina Checa and Alba Blasi have officially dissolved Granit, ending things as mysteriously and suddenly as when they first arrived. The world may never hear a full-length from the Barcelona duo, but luckily vocalist Cristina remains committed to the enchanting dream pop of her former project. Joined by producer Eloi Caballe, she is now behind the group DESERT. First track, "Camins," has been described by Checa as a “way to the light” song, hinting at a kind of dark place she traversed to find inspiration. Such a scary and surreal journey is depicted in "Camins." Checa sings as if completely resigned, taking in a strange and unfamiliar terrain manifested here as ornate instrumentation. Ultimately, though, it's a voice that absorbs all fear and insecurity to create something beautiful. Hopefully, with DESERT, we'll be left with some closure with where the journey goes from here. "Camins" will soon be released as a 7" single on Glitter End records.