Las Robertas - "Seconds Away"

A lot has changed for Las Robertas since the days when they were a fairly unknown band from San José that was starting to earn some buzz on the blogosphere. Now signed to a Californian indie label, the success of their debut Cry Out Loud gave them the chance to accumulate heavy touring experience around Latin America, the US, and Europe (stopping by high-caliber festivals SXSW and Primavera Sound), but also the head-scratching opportunity to open for Pearl Jam in their hometown’s biggest stage. Now that the whole lo-fi girl group revival hype that might or might have not gone in their favor a couple of years ago (actually feels like a decade ago in internet years) seems to have faded away, it seems like this finally might be their shot at deflecting the knee-jerk criticism directed at their fortuitous trendiness. Though safely holding onto the more conspicuous elements of their aesthetic (wearing their admiration for all things lo-fi, C86, and early punk on their sleeve), “Seconds Away” feels not only like an accomplished effort at downplaying their melodic charm in favor of straight-out thunderousness, but also at shedding their naiveté for some truly disconcerting songcrafting. “Seconds Away” is part of three song 7’’ Dissected Affair which should be out on Art Fag Recordings later this year, as we’ll still be on the wait for their sophomore effort.