Video: Conector (feat. Lido Pimienta) – Una Vaca es Un Bosque


Though this second single from Aterciopelados co-member Héctor Buitrago's side project, Conector (con Héctor, get it?), was released in June this year, and the album, Conector II, was a late release from last year, we want to highlight the participation of Club Fonograma favorite, Lido Pimienta. It feels like forever ago we had new material from her, when in reality we've had the pleasure of Capullo's "A Quien Amas En Realidad Es A Mí," a short doc revealing new track "Rouletta," and fans in Toronto will soon get the chance to attend a series of concerts this colombicanadienseana muse has curated called Bridges, connecting local and international alt-Latino artists, the first of which includes her good self and Buitrago.

"Una Vaca es Un Bosque" is as trippy hippy as the title suggests, but with the layering of vocals by Pimienta and Buitrago's sonic landscaping, the song is elevated above that usual proteja la madre/I-just-noticed-how-beautiful-nature-is trope (even though this phrase is indeed sung). The reason why we love Lido Pimienta is that she tweaks melodies to be that much more interesting, even if the subject matter of a song is well worn. The video was made by Animaedro animation studio, which specialises in stop-motion effects, and it has some cool visuals to accompany the off-kilter bounce of the music, including the hummingbird-man motif of the Conector albums, and a lot of patient cows. So until the 2013 release of Pimienta's new album La Papessa, which features collaborations with Fakuta and Astro, to mention only a couple of exciting names attached, we'll return to the trail of tracks she's left us this year.