Füete Billēte - "La Trilla"

Club Fonograma has started the year witnessing some pretty exciting music coming out of Puerto Rico (Alegría Rampante, AJ Dávila, Unochosiete). It might be coincidential, but it’s not too crazy to suggest 2013 might be a fertile year for the island’s tiny, yet striking indie scene. Following the premiere of AJ Dávila’s “Animal,” a handful of readers pointed us to Füete Billēte, another act connected to Davila 666. This is the side project of Davila's frontman Sir Charles (performing as Pepper Kilo on this one). While side projects Las Ardillas and AJ Dávila maintan the 666 punk core, Füete Billēte goes gangsta with a sole purpose: “to bring explicit rap back to Puerto Rico.” The act released a pretty evil video for first single “Bien Guillao” and some other notable tracks via Soundcloud. They’ve hit the jackpot with “La Trilla,” a rap number (with a thrilling chorus) that negotiates urgency and agency in the most assertive and boldest delivery Latin urban music is likely to see this year.