Video: Princesa - "Pa Ke Mueva"

Earlier today I heard “Danza Kuduro” on the radio. I’ll admit that it’s a fine song—maybe Don Omar’s best—but people realize that kuduro is, like, an actual musical genre, right? One that’s pretty awesome at times, and easily adaptable to reggaetón and other Carribbean rap music? Well, apparently Princesa is listening to Angolan dancehall instead of “Bandz A Make Her Dance.”

Princesa is a young Argentinian rapper/Tito “El Bambino" Fan Club President with a real affinity for island rhythms and fitted hats. “Pa Ke Mueva” is her latest single, and it’s fucking amazing. Like “Danza Kuduro” but with balls. Kuduro may be the hook to reel you in, but there’s plenty going on beyond first listen: island percussion, jittery keyboards, that thing they always do in reggaetón song where the rapper says random nonsense before the beat kicks in. And then there’s that video! It’s like something Rita Indiana would make if she started going to parties with Tego Calderon and Grimes. We have our first great song of 2013 here, folks.