MP3: Zutzut - “De Shopping”

The most defining process of global bass is the exploration of the aesthetic lower class. In an indirect search for cultural respect, we engage our sense of distaste with parody, dance, and laughter. The longer we expose ourselves to an initially repugnant aesthetic, the more likely we are to reach a social understanding. With good fortune, bass producers are afforded opportunities for collaboration, which can evolve into healing and bridging relationships (see Dre Skull and Vybz Kartel, but not Diplo, never Diplo).

For myself and, evidently, Club Fonograma readers, reggaetón remains a permissive void of culture. In terms of functionality: Why shouldn’t we be able to enjoy the music that will continue surround us? Where have others failed (mainly Jessy Bulbo), Zutzut helps us re-evaluate the genre by emphasizing perhaps what we hate most about the genre, crass materialism. “De Shopping,” features a conference panel in the middle of a discourse on the merits of excessivley spending on women. The re-crafting of the song (with vocals by Yaga & Mackie, Opi, Arcangel, J Alvarez, Farruko & Jory) is intended for the minority of readers already into Arca and Teengirl Fantasy; however, I am sure we’ll be seeing reggaetons and tons of remixes for a variety of listeners this upcoming year.

♫♫♫  "De Shopping"