Video + MP3: El Gran Poder de Diosa - "Morí Viví"

Throughout the years, Eddy Nuñez (member of Rita Indiana y Los Misterios) has earned the respect of musicians in the Dominican Republic as one of the individuals that has succeeded at offering an alternative delivery to the island’s popular music. Following the success of El Juidero, Nuñez unveiled demo recordings of a solo project that has now evolved into the collaborative effort El Gran Poder de Diosa. The act’s introductory single “Morí Viví” is a pulsating, groovy tune that’s more meticulous than revelatory. While they keep things somewhat conservative, they’re still pretty refreshing. The track comes with a lovely audiovisual companion helmed by Engel Leonardo, director of the stunning (and controversial) “Da Pa Lo Do.” Leonardo offers a contemplative frame where seduction (of sexual and intellectual natures) is lived through a subliminal journey. It’s tragic and poetic—like Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Tropical Malady, but more magical than psychological. Grab the MP3 HERE.