Video: Matilda Manzana - “Ciencias Naturales”

“Ciencias Naturales,” off Matilda Manzana’s Conjuntos Cartográficos, has been materialized by artist Ouchal, with some help from his cybergang. Ouchal stays true to the bedroom pop’s natural habitat, but explores a blog-fi fantasy: What if boys ruled Pinterest? Wood could become plastic. Cats may be overshadowed by dogs. Kitsch would become our generation's source of aesthetic capital.

In this plastic-based afterlife of found and lost and found items, the value of objects rise and fall in a rich granular synthesis either through a process of interior design exercises (i.e. splashing paint about) or through an animated process of replacing and re-situating objects. Meanwhile, a product's newness might guarantee spectacular value in this bedscape. As a personal reaction to the video's content, I love my Tony Gallardo II cassette, I really enjoyed Ouchal's "Cuchillo" illustration as a t-shirt, and yes, I would totally buy that Andrew Jeffrey Wright pin, "Look At Your Stuff," for free.

As a personal take away from the entire video: Good Dog. Sad Pizza. Be Nrmal.