Me Derrito Por Ti (Un Compilado De Amor)

It’s fairly obvious that we have a soft spot for Las Acevedo, but now, we have this insatiable sweet tooth for their latest baked curation, Me Derrito Por Ti ("Un Compilado De Amor”). A couple of months ago, the Dominican twins did a call for a Valentine's Day compilation, and a handful of acts showed up. Feast your ears on a lovely melodic assemblage by Latin American indie bands, including new treats from Fonograma favorites Lucila Ines, Adrian Juarez, and El Medio. We are also hand-delivered Valentine Day’s cards from familiar voices, Loocila (of Jovenes y Sexys) and Juan Manuel Torreblanca, both finding this a good opportunity to showcase solo efforts. Thanks again to Las Acevedo for being so generous with their friends and their good vibes. Much love. Stream the compilation below, and download it HERE.