MP3: Adrián Juárez - "Calculadoras"

2012 was a rather slow period for Club Fonograma. Even though we tried to redeem ourselves earlier this year, truth is, there was a bunch more of outstanding records we didn’t get to properly review (and didn’t make our Overlooked Albums list). Adrián Juárez’s follow-up to 2011’s debut Tu nombre es fresa, the ambrosial sophomore Marimba, is one of those gems that ultimately deserved more recognition.

Good news is La Plata's winsome singer-songwriter works at a fast pace, reclaiming his virtuoso-skilled status in our blogosphere. The frisky self-released single “Calculadoras” encounters Juárez allowing new chances to his sonic explorations, embracing 8-bit rhythms along with sharp-eyed, chirpy, videogame-evocative experimentation. Preserving his signature sound while stretching his canvas, the results turn out gleefully overwhelming (think Sufjan Stevens jumping from folk to electro). The track stands in a similar territory as I.E.’s “Smartphone,” but where the frenzy of “Smartphone” recalls mental noise via gadget abuse, Juárez’s notable comfort, riding his poppy vessel, resembles commodity towards life-simplifying machines in “Calculadoras.” The lyrics (“Súbete a mi moto / Aunque tengas otro / Aunque la tristeza avance / Aunque pronto nos alcance”) exhale romanticism. Yet, despite their poignant message, the sudden desire of playing Super Castlevania IV blooms as a logical aftermath.

♫♫♫ "Calculadoras"