Video: Sixties Guns - "Lights"

“Lights” is our visual preview into Sixties Guns’s Cuts, a debut album from the no-border, Tijuana-San Diego outfit. The video concerns itself with a post-nuclear romantic fallout, just another statistic in the digitally-infused, globalization miasma. The opening scene is a dimunitive ultrasound, proof of a budding romantic affinity, as shown by two luminal heartbeats wrapping around each other. Immediately after the relationship’s conception, the orbitally-linked pair will be exposed to quickening layering of U.S kitsch symbolism. Heart necklaces, video games, and emoticon text messages become immediate sources of estrangement. Unfortunately, even a couple's retreat to nature cannot escape the toxicity of our air-conditioned, super-modern world. The couple is then seperately layered in a multi-colored, sludge-like cast that terminally separates from each other and the natural world. 

While a rousing bearded chorus might itch from rubbing against Matthew Dear, the group easily survive on their exemplary adaptability. Sixties Guns can co-habitate in Mexican underground house, as well as star in an L.A. contemporary punk scene. While I expect certain members of this group to be recruited for other projects, we will have to wait and see if Cuts can afford the group more time to further process their collective energies.