MP3: Helado Negro - "Junes"

If we published a list of “Club Fonograma’s Most Beautiful People,” we would surely leave a slot open for Roberto Carlos Lange (Helado Negro). Though previously prodded, we’ll gravitate around his afro one more time: a dark star setting on a skin-clothed dome, housing a psychic-core of light and positivity. Looking south, down his global face, the reminiscence oh his beard to the socially-distinguishing bristles of the Castro Brothers is uncanny, while the rest of his facial profile has received as much recent attention as the likes of the Castro Twins.

And like his face, we can find similarly paired analogies to his music: being cosmic as it is political, or emotional as it is technical in craft, and then of course, folk as it is futuristic. And the gap between December’s "Dance Ghost" and this month’s "Junes," only adds to further accumulation of HN-specific binaries, which all crumble in our ears anyways. All you need to know about "Junes" is that it is an enduring emission of tingly funk jolts. Enough power to charge a discosmic trip around the world, or simply display the creation of a nearing release in the Invisible Life LP from Ashmatic Kitty Records. "Junes" is currently available for download in the Soundcloud player below.