Tego Calderón - "Colabore"

“Yo se que yo me tardo pero hecho caldo (y la receta siempre me tiene guisando),” sighs Tego Calderón in his thrilling new single, “Colabore.” It’s been almost six years since the rapper released El Abayarde Contraataca, and just when it seemed its follow up would turn into a mythological release, we get an official single off the long-anticipated El Que Sabe Sabe. While Calderón focused on social globalization on last year’s reggaeton-free mixtape, The Original Gallo del País (self-assesed by Tego as his most complete work yet), the single suggests his new album will bring him back to the clubs and FM airwaves. “Colabore” is another hit in Calderón’s strong line of singles. The song starts at a rapid-fire pace, coating itself with an old friend–a clean, almost nostalgic reggaeton beat that’s serviceable for both profit and pedigree. Trying to catch up with his flow is fun all in its self. El Que Sabe Sabe will see the commercial light in May.