Teen Flirt - Essential Guide to Modern Love

If you've just found yourself and you're all alone, pull the blinds on your browser windows, dim your laptop light, and take some time to explore your (homo)sensual self with the help of Teen Flirt's "Essential Guide to Modern Love." A survey of R'N'B, both sifted for and gifted by non-Mexican vocalists, Teen Flirt succeeds in presenting his technical repertoire of styles by employing the practicality of pleasure. With some known-unknowns and unknown-unknowns enriching the mixture, I'm still marveling in the employment of the burnt culture-skewiring-slash- Chopping and Screwing of Toro y Moi. Like- what the hell does that even mean to do that to Chaz's voice? In the recent past, Teen Flirt has been essential ingredient to modern lust at Pura Crema. And since that collaboration, his status has risen within the ranks of NRMAL and has allowed him to look fairly comfortable on the Finesse Records roster. Our receptors are well peaked for TF's rolling present, truly in a state of momentum.