60 Tigres - "Picoso"

Festival NRMAL is creeping towards us, and certain Club Fonogrammers have been scheming on how best to get to Monterrey from our various Northern North American locales and two more southern ones. My travel plans are just about set, and I am just now choosing which bands take priority in experiencing live. Word around the bonfire is that Monterrey-then, DF-now 60 Tigres will be one of the most anticipated acts of the festival.

It is as if Weinstein Co. Distribution have planned their release dates to maximize critical enthusiasm for the alt-supergroup's festival performance. Last September, the band put out EP 2012 through NWLA, which served as a half-way point to their upcoming late-February LP release, Animal. And now they've made cloud-present "Picoso," a stirring triumph for the band and their followers (that includes us writers!). First, they reassure us on our time-consuming commitment, "pensando tantos días de música no son en vano." And we agree nothing will come from listening to music, possibly the end to an exigent consumption of music. However, before any possible outcome takes place, we band together at a regional house warming, "tropezamos, levantamos y enfocamos la mirada." I can already look forward to meeting our near-future friends in Nuevo León. Can't. Hardly. Wait.