Mock The Zuma x Crocat - "Caba Beach"

by Rebecca Bratburd (Guest Writer)

Juarez-based producers, Crocat and Mock the Zuma, combined forces in the collaborative tune "Caba Beach" and recently let it loose for anyone with an Internet connection to enjoy. Pitter-patter drums open the low-key tune until warm, lower-register notes wash over the soundscape and an arpeggiating melody takes the lead. Chopped- and pitch-shifted vocal samples add a feather-light vibe to the tune as they effortlessly synchronize with the melody.

Mock the Zuma's Pocketlee EP on Cocobass Records and Crocat's Meridian EP at NWLA.TV have garnered individual recognition, and with the two reunited on the Lowers Netlabel, they can now showcase their newfound collective merit. While Lowers could just as aesthetically exist in New York as it does in Mexico, it will be interesting to see how they will posture as the digital faces of, let's say, their 'troubled' Juarez.

"Caba Beach" is available to stream in the player below.

Rebbecca Bratburd is a freelance journalist with the Wall Street Journal and XLR8R Magazine and is an editor at Beautiful Savage.