MP3: Selma Oxor - "Perra Sucia"

Riot grrrl. Now that I have your attention, disregard that phrase. Selma Oxor’s latest single, “Perra Sucia” has little to do with that Pacific Northwestern third wave feminist movement. (Or does it?)

Less melodic and hook-heavy than “Dotes de cocina,” Oxor’s latest "single" (are we still calling ‘em that?) jettisons one or two social filters and goes straight for the jugular, finding her in full-on anthem mode. There is little subtlety in her verses, as she pretty much makes clear that EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER WANTS TO BE A PERRA SUCIA. (I hope this means people will finally stop talking about how polemic Pussy Riot is and realize there are other "relevant" feminist acts out there to talk about.) Politics aside, “Perra Sucia” also marks a clear departure from her previous, electroclash-informed sound, cause, you know, it’s not 2003 anymore. Kudos to you, Dr. Dude.

♫♫♫ "Perra Sucia" Soundcloud