Video: Alegría Rampante - "Un cuarto más pequeño"

I have been quietly and dutifully mourning the breakup of Superaquello since the Puerto Rican indie faves parted ways in 2011. But you can only put "La Emergencia" on so many mixes before realizing that's not going to bring them back. Thankfully, the future is bright, as Eduardo Alegría (the main aquel in Superaquello) has a new project, Alegría Rampante, and they're churning out songs at a steady-ish pace as part of a “singles collection” titled Se nos fue la mano.

The third treat in this series is the supremely catchy "Un cuarto más pequeño," which made its internet debut just before Christmas, and recently got a simple, equally gorgeous black & white video to go with it. Whirring ceiling fans, band practice, and a stoic protagonist contrast with Eduardo’s effusive joy and charismatic flair, allowing this pop gem to shine with poetic hope and vulnerable humility.