Coral Casino - Summer Romance

We introduced Coral Casino last year with descriptives that avoided a clear image of their sound. The solemn beauty of “Kendall Jenner” was fascinating, but where was this headed? The Argentine duo followed up by trying on even more hats. “On Point” gave us straightforward R&B submerged in purposeful atmospherics. “Gvns N Roses” was an auto-tuned ballad in which PXXR GVNG associate Kaydy Cain had to slow down his woo next to the equally passionate Lara Artesi. The results sounded more or less like an R-rated version of El Guincho’s “Pizza,” meaning it was excellent.

Coral Casino’s latest EP is another example of their constant evolution. Summer Romance tips Lara Artesi and Roque Ferrarri into an accessible tropical moment. This is the same territory used to market beer and extreme sodas, but Coral Casino’s guise has us thinking about more creative settings. Remember Rihanna’s Lui Magazine photoshoot? Summer as an editorial. Poolside photoshoots where no one gets wet and reggaetón is the native language. “Amor De Chocolate” is an early fav, though that could just be a bias that favors any of El Mini’s contributions. Stream all three tracks from Summer Romance below, which features production from Orodembow.