Lucila Al Mar & Chico6Trece – "Mujer Del Agua"

Lucila Al Mar is a Los Angeles-born singer-songwriter and guitarist (and visual artist, and yogi) of Salvadorian roots who’s plying her trade between LA and Ottawa. Chico6Trece is a beatmaker of Salvadorian roots born and raised in Ottawa who’s been experimenting with sounds and genre for quite some time now. He also happens to be Lucila’s brother. The siblings have been making music together since before they could talk, but this is the first time they share their collaborative work with the world.

“Mujer Del Agua” is about self-empowerment. It’s a hooky, dance-floor-ready, reminder that, even in the darkest of times when all seems to fall apart, forever does not exist. Your feelings of loss, fear and hopelessness will end. Everything is ephemeral. “Ella se mueve como el agua, corre y corre pero nadie la parra” Lucila sings with a laid back style on a cold and imposing synth progression intro. The song then breaks into a somewhat minimalist, industrial, hip-hop beat. It’ll make you shake your booty while radiating with a newfound self-confidence.