Video: Gaax - "Manual"

Last year's lo-fi revelation Campo dos Sonhos from Brazilian composer and one-man-band Felipe Oliveira (Gaax) continues to attract repeated listens. Oliveira filled his record with a number of short songs, testing all kinds of moods or just indulging in noise. Most fell between 1-2 minutes, making them disposable in the long run. Still, others held up better. Consider "Manual," which submits in its brief runtime a somber bellow and a statement about feeling everything. With it now is a worthy clip coated in twilight and animations and also has me thinking about Chris Marker. These types of micro-shorts are fascinating for all sorts of inexplicable reasons. We felt the same upon watching Baby Nelson & The Philistines' "Ansiosos / Ociosos" and even Gepe's "Lluvia, diente, lluvia." Gaax doesn't revolutionize the format, but this entry is still quite unique and repeatable.