Featured: Pájaro Sin Alas - "Alfombra Mágica Mental"

You know that feeling when someone has haunted your thoughts and affected your emotions in such a potent manner that inevitably you become dependent on that person in a certain way? It might be vulnerability, but you’ve fallen so hard? It can turn into something cyclic and painful when the other party doesn’t seem to respond, yet with any small manifestation of interest, time stops and idyllic fantasies blur consciousness and reason. Pájaro Sin Alas is the project of Ciudad Juárez’s 18-year-old Rodolfo Ramos Castro, who’s crafting surprising bedroom pop with his computer and some keyboards (think of a mournful María y José). He’s opened his heart and soul with the devastating “Alfombra Mágica Mental,” an extremely personal track whose written lyrics could be read as a poem, revealing the tragic existential crisis the singer is undergoing.

This is a disrupting voyage to an unstable, insecure mind. First thing you’ll notice is you’re magically transported to the desert just as sunset is occurring. Pájaro Sin Alas built “Alfombra Mágica Mental” over Madlib’s “Sitar Ride,” smartly utilizing the sample as the base of the song, constantly repeating it but constructing tension and anxiety as it progresses by adding melancholy and tragedy in strategic moments. “Me elevo gracias a tus alas,” the singer wishes he’d admit to his muse. This quote also directly, and probably unconsciously, makes reference to his artistic name and proves how personal this project is. As Ramos Castro described, “Pájaro Sin Alas symbolizes what I feel.” “Contigo me elevo/contigo me muero/alfombra mágica estar en tus besos,” he sings and reaffirms during the emotive climax, as the psychotic organ accentuates the crooked, yearning psyche of the artist as he envisions the narcotic effect of floating while being under his beloved’s kiss. Pájaro Sin Alas so far only has two tracks available on his SoundCloud, yet he’s already an exciting revelation whose sensitivity is arousing.

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