Video: Dënver - "Los Bikers" (Segundas Destrezas)

In the latest video from Dënver, band member and music video visionnaire Milton Mahan approaches the psyche and carnal turbulence of a young renaissance in a clip that is beyond an aesthetic exercise. Carrying Música, Gramática, Gimanasia’s well-deserved status of a young adult masterpiece, Mahan has crafted a video that is full of corporal movement and still has the luxury of carving emotion through its soaring stillness. One year ago we described the song as one set “on midair tones, elliptical to its own tragic story,” and this clip (shot at Santiago's Museo de Bellas Artes) accomplishes just that.

Like its thematic cousin from earlier this year (Carmen Sandiego’s “Mi Novio Gremlin”) and the Catholic youth-in-revolt images from Almodovar’s La Mala Educación, Mahan and DP Cristobal Portalupii have plenty to say about a handful of uncensored canvases in masculinity and dramatic space. “Los Bikers” (along with "Segundas Destrezas" as its sublime encore) is emotionally pulling from every one of its four corners - with every one of its shots ready to be hanged on a wall. It’s so tender to look at and so unassuming of its own glorious architectural beauty that warning you about its subtle NSFW ecstasy only seems unfair (but yes, someone has to do it).