Video: Vincent Vega - "El Piso Se Va A Manchar"

It was a bit disappointing to find out Uruguayan duo Vincent Vega wasn’t actually named after the most intriguing character in Pulp Fiction (played by John Travolta). And that’s as far as I can go with any kind of distress on this one. Like their compatriots Franny Glass and Carmen Sandiego, melody makers Matías González and Mauricio Sepúlveda have a serious affection for the serene surface of “la cancion melodramatica popular.” As the pair gets everything ready to publish their sophomore album early next year, they’ve handpicked the breakup song “El Piso Se Va A Manchar” as the last promotional stop of their 2009 self-titled debut. Using Max Fleischer’s rotoscoping techniques (tracing over live-action footage), directors María Noel Silvera and Sebastián González Majo have crafted a clip that lives and breathes through the lure of storyboards and motion tracking.