Video + MP3: Marian Ruzzi & Sr. Amable - Una Pieza Más

Early this year when we heard Marian Ruzzi & Sr. Amable were making music together we couldn’t help but to raise some eyebrows. They might share their native place of origin (Chihuahua, Mexico), but they couldn’t be more apart when it comes to music taste. On one side we have an all-pop, multi-instrumentalist woman who is part of the band that accompanies Julieta Venegas and, on the other, a seemingly hedonistic guy whose dreams mostly evoke Piyama Party and 107 Faunos. With both artists growing into their craft and senses, we knew they would make an interesting collaboration, but never expected something this good. “Una Pieza Más,” the track that opens the second half of Los Herederos, is a galloping and up-the-ante slice of glass-eyed pop. Under the format of a short animated feature, illustrator Luis Safa and the magic house at BASA studio have provided the song with the most beautiful visual cushions. The dissolving illustrations and out-of-the-horizon narratives work wonderfully for a song that is as fragile as it is muscular. “It’s life, not death what keeps us apart.”